Board of Trustees


Mary Bachran, Mayor                                                                   

511 Box Elder Avenue                                                                  

970-433-1433                                                                        Term ends 2024    

Committee:  Space to Create / Planning Commission                            

William Bear, Mayor Pro-Tem


970-261-2906  Term ends 2022

Committees:  Public Works/Utilities/Facilities / Planning & Zoning

Karen Budinger Appointment Ends April 2022

Committees:  Finance & Personnel / Chamber of Commerce

Mick Johnson

1010 3rd Street

970-697-4325  Term Ends April 2022

Committees:  Governmental Affairs / Public Safety

Dave Knutson

401 Vista Drive - PO Box 1016

970-260-3620 Term Ends April 2024

Committees:   Finance & Personnel / Chamber of Commerce / Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Local Governmental Designee

Tamie Meck

970-623-1277  Term ends April 2024

Committees:  Public Works / Utilities/Facilities / Tree Board

Michelle Pattison

302 2nd Street

773-809-3814  Term Ends April 2024

Committees:  Governmental Affairs / Public Safety

General Description of Committee Roles:

  • Finance and Personnel:  Review claims, fiscal policies, audit, budget, general finance, personnel
  • Public Works/Utilities/Facilities:  Streets, Water, Sewer/WWTP. Storm water, Parks and Recreation, Refuse Service, Town facilities/buildings/properties, Airport, Planning and Zoning, Economic/Community Development
  • Governmental Affairs/Public Safety:  Police, Fire/Emergency Services, Rules, policies, intergovernmental agreements and relationships, ordinances and statues





  • Barbara Heck – Chair – Planning Term Ends: 6/2020
  • Lucy Hunter – Planning Term Ends: 6/2020
  • Monica Foguth– Planning Term Ends: 6/2021
  • Mayor Mary Bachran – Planning Term Ends: 4/2024
  • Trustee Seat – Planning Term Ends:
  • Barbara Heck – Chair – Zoning Board of Adjustments (appeals board)Term Ends: 6/2021
  • James Normandin – Zoning Board of Adjustments (appeals board) Term Ends: 6/2021
  • Thomas Markle – Zoning Board of Adjustments (appeals board) Term Ends: 6/2021
  • TBD – Zoning Board of Adjustments (appeals board) Term Ends: 6/2023
  • Trustee Seat – Zoning Board of Adjustments (appeals board)Term Ends:

The Planning Commission is created for the following purposes:

(1) To prepare, maintain and adopt, subject to periodic revision as necessary, a Master Plan as described by state statutes.

(2) To implement the provisions of Chapters 16 and 17 of this Code, and to perform all functions and powers referred to in said chapters where reference is made.

(3) To study and recommend to the Board of Trustees amendments to the Zoning Map of the Town.

(4) To study and recommend appropriate zoning classifications for all annexations to the Town.

(5) To exchange information with the various governmental agencies charged with planning and zoning responsibilities and with the Board of Adjustment.

(6) To have all other duties and powers incidental to the above and any and all powers and duties set out by state statute, except that nothing herein shall permit the Planning Commission to make amendments or changes in the zoning of the Town, such powers expressly being reserved by the Board of Trustees.

Membership and Terms:

The Planning Commission shall consist of five (5) members, all of whom must be residents of the Town, including two (2) elected members consisting of the Mayor and one (1) member of the Board of Trustees appointed by the Mayor. The remaining three (3) members shall be appointed by the Mayor.

The terms of such three (3) members shall be fixed and designated by the Mayor to end at two (2) years from the last municipal election at the time of appointment, with the terms of office staggered. The terms for the Mayor and the member of the Board of Trustees shall continue until their successors are duly elected and qualified, at which time elected members of the Board shall be designated to serve on the Planning Commission for terms coincident with their terms of office as Mayor or as a member of the Board of Trustees. As terms expire, new or reappointed members shall be appointed for two-year terms of office at such time as the terms of those previously appointed expire.

Tree Board Members

Paula Martin:  President

John Valentine:  Secretary

Mark Newland

Greg Hottinger

Moriah Whoolilurie

Tamie Meck:  Board Member Representative

Contact at:

Website:  httpps://


Philip Ceriani MD

Mike Drake

Thomas Markle

302 2nd Street

Paonia, CO  81428

Tamie Meck - Board Representative