Public Works

public works


The Public Works Department is constantly attending to the needs of the Town of Paonia

The department is responsible for:

Care and Maintenance of the roadways

Snow Removal

Trash Services

Keeping the town park areas beautiful

Maintenance of Paonia's water supply plant

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Public Works Director

Cory Heiniger

Public Works Crew

Dennis Reich

Roger Edwards

Cole Cecil

Rodney Burge

Jordan Redden

Jeremiah Garcia




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The Town’s Right-of-Way (ROW) includes the streets, alleys and area between the curb and private property line.  The ROW is used for underground and overhead utilities, public sidewalks and mailboxes.  The vegetation in this area is the responsibility of the property owners.  Trees in this area must be maintained to not interfere with traffic or pedestrians.

Sidewalks are required for all new construction.  The maintenance, snow removal and installation is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

The Public Works Department is responsible for efficiently maintaining safe driving conditions on almost 100 lane miles of concrete, asphalt, and gravel streets.

Maintenance of these numerous miles of streets consists of: the repair and maintenance of the street pavement (concrete, brick, asphalt, and gravel) and curbs, bridges, drainage culverts, pedestrian and school crosswalks, installation and repairs, traffic control and signage, pavement markings, street sweeping, mowing and noxious weed control of public right-of-ways and properties, grading, ice control and snow removal operations, storm damage and cleanup, traffic control for emergency services and Town Board approved community events.

Public Works is also responsible for maintaining alleys. Maintenance of the alleys is performed by grading and applying gravel where needed.

Our Staff is dedicated to public safety on our streets, alleys, and public owned properties performing these services in a consistent, safe, reliable and cost effective manner. We strive to serve our community and promote quality services through open and honest communication.

The Town’s Water Department has responsibility for all activities related to the delivery of drinking water, including storage (water tower), pumping stations, and water mains. We are also responsible for planning, establishing, and overseeing the construction of new water system improvements.

As the Town’s ORC (Operator in Responsible Charge), Travis Loberg is responsible for managing the Town-wide water and sanitary sewer systems.

Currently, the Town of Paonia is in the process of constructing approximately $5.4 million dollars of water system upgrades and enhancement projects. Please refer to the Town’s News postings for more information concerning these projects and for regular project updates.

Resolution 2018-03 Back-flow Cross Connection

The Town of Paonia’s Sanitary Sewer and Wastewater Treatment Facility has responsibility for wastewater collection and the operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

Paonia’s current Wastewater Treatment Plant was built in 2007. The WWTP is a lagoon treatment system with a finishing pond. The Town of Paonia’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is a State of Colorado Class C facility. Daily and weekly testing for pH, TSS, BOD, conductivity, ammonia and nitrate is performed by the staff.

The plant has averaged 495,000 gallons per day since start up in 2007.

  • The Town operates two water treatment facilities, servicing 1,660 properties; 436 which are on one of 26 water companies the Town provides water to
  • The Town treats approximately 98 million gallons of water a year
  • The Town spills approximately 95 million gallons of water a year

          The spilled water returns to German and Reynolds Creek

  • The treatment facilities can treat approximately 639 million gallons a year
  • There are 418 water taps on stand-by (purchased but not in use)

          41 – In-Town Residential

          374 – Out-of-Town Residential (317 Arch Coal)

          3 – In-Town Commercial

  • The Town holds water rights to 36 springs of which 32 are active
  • ALL Town springs have statistical gauges monitoring flows
  • All Town spring lines connect and feed in to two metered pipes at the treatment facilities
  • There are approximately 35 miles of collection and distribution water lines

          Of the 35 miles of waterline, the Town has 6 miles of out-of-Town waterline and 10 blocks of in-Town waterline that need upgraded

  • There is one 3 ft section of lead pipe still connected to a Town service line

Paonia Funding and Water Capital Improvement Distribution Graph