Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan

Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan

Started April 28, 2023, will wrap up mid-November 2023

The Town of Paonia has hired a consulting team, Urban Rural Continuum and Ayres Associates, who are tasked with using data to identify the housing needs and issues in the community (Needs Assessment) and developing a plan with the community to help meet that need (Action Plan). While this project will not solve all problems related to housing affordability, it will create a path for the community to address housing concerns.

The Action Plan will be informed by the issues identified in the Needs Assessment, and also reflect the desires of the community. Therefore, we need the community to participate! A Housing Task Force made up of various stakeholders will be regularly involved in the project. The consulting team will also be reaching out to employers, realtors, property managers and other stakeholders to inform the project. We hope everyone can attend a community-wide open house, likely in mid-July.

Keep in mind that housing issues impact the community and public, private, and non-profit sectors have a role to play in the solutions.

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Housing Task Force Meeting 1 Summary - 05/24/2023

Town Board Project Update #1, May 5, 2023