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Summer is Here

Next week is the last week of school for the North Fork area schools. With that being said, the Paonia Police Department would like to remind everyone that there will most likely be more walkers, bikers and maybe even skateboarders out and about in town.  Please slow down and keep an eye out for this increased foot traffic so that everyone can have a safe summer.  The Police Department will also have added patrolling around the town.  If anybody has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate the contact the Police Department at 970-527-4822. 

Poulos Park

Have you seen the newest addition to Poulos Park? Our custom information sign, created by Ira Houseweart was installed January 14th. Still to come throughout the year: New fully accessible picnic table, sod/seed, updated sprinkler system, landscaping and completed art installation, as presented by Lincoln Fox during Final Friday in October!